The Solar Powered Bonsai Tree That I Missed Out On!

ELECTREE Bonsai solar charger

Readers of Shohin should know that Bonsai is a beautiful art form that has many applications in real life. imagine my surprise when I realised that I missed this kickstarter campaign that combined both my pleasures, Bonsai and Solar Power.

French designer Vivien Muller created a beautiful solar powered phone charger that came in the shape of a bonsai tree .

I am a big fan of solar powered gardens and in particular solar powered water features, and would loved to have had a play with this gadget to see if I could adapt it to power lighting for my garden bonsai’s.

ELECTREE Bonsai solar charger

It came in a limited edition, and sadly is no longer available for sale. Typically had 27 silicon panels that were flexible so you could design its appearance based on what suited your own particular aesthetics.

The battery was stored in the base. Apparently it could charge a phone in under 4 hours,, and saved a fair charge, which meant that it could probably do more than just act as a simple charger.

I think I might try and create my own adaptation, but need to learn the basics of setting up a solar powered micro panel set up first.

If you know of other bonsai inspired technology or art, do let me know!

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